Blue Skies, Blue Waters, Blue Whales…

Today we found blue skies, blue water and blue whales. Seas were extremely calm and sightings included: 3 giant blue whales and 75 long-beaked common dolphins.  Captain and crew ran across the Santa Barbara Channel towards Santa Cruz Island and searched the waters in between.

Not far outside Santa Barbara Harbor a small group of dolphins located the boat as we headed south towards the island.  The dolphins were heading east and we followed them as they came over and rode our stern, bow and side waves.

Continuing on course, our next encounter was several miles off the eastern end of the island with a single giant blue whale.  The whale had long down times but did show us its tail flukes which made the sighting very special.

A bit later two additional giants were located and we watched them for a while before they split up, one going east, the other heading west.  The clear blue water really made their blue bodies shine under the ocean surface.

On the way home a smaller group of dolphins was located in the commercial shipping lands and fun was had by all (human and dolphin alike).

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