Whale calves playing in the kelp forest…

Captain and crew ran two trips today with great sea conditions.  The morning trip was calm and sunny. The afternoon trip was calm with a high stratus layer.  Sightings for the day included: 6 gray whales, 550 long-beaked common dolphins, and 1 California sea lion (that was important to the sightings).

The morning got started with 4 gray whales found inside the More Mesa kelp bed.  It was 2 mothers with their calves, and they were all horsing around in the seaweeds.  The two pair were followed west on their migration route up to the UCSB campus.  Off the campus about a mile a small school of dolphins located the Condor boat.

The noon trip also started inside the kelp forest, but near Hendry’s Beach.  Yet another gray whale mother and calf pair was found.  The calf spent loads of time with kelp draped over its head, spy-hopping in the kelp, and a fun interaction time with a very curious sea lion.  Near UCSB a much larger pod of dolphins, perhaps 500 or so, found the boat.



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