More dolphins and calves!

A single trip left Santa Barbara Harbor at noon under a low cloud layer.  Seas were glassy and calm.  Total sightings for the trip included 3 gray whales and 500 long-beaked common dolphins.

About 2 miles straight out from the harbor entrance the first of two herds of dolphins located the boat.  Like all the dolphins encountered today, this group was spread out and busy feeding on northern anchovies.  Upside-down dolphins were seen everywhere as they hunted their little silvery prey.  After the first group of dolphins, Captain and his crew took a turn towards the beach.  Near Hendry’s Beach, the gray whales were located.  It was a mother and her calf with a yearling or small juvenile whale.  Naturally the little calf was moving into the kelp, then back out 1/4-mile or so, then back to the kelp again…all with the older, larger whales following behind.  Near More Mesa another group of common dolphins located the boat.

Come join us for a whale watching adventure!

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