Santa Barbara, CA-based Captain Jack’s Tours Introduce Their Marine Outdoor Classroom

Santa Barbara, CA-based experts for guided tours, Captain Jack’s Tours have recently announced a new initiative designed to introduce children to the ocean and the wonders of the marine environment. The Marine Outdoor Classroom is a Captain Jack’s Santa Barbara tour that incorporates information from the NOAA Marine Debris Program and their partners in order to guide children ages 8 and older on the importance of protecting the ocean. The guided kayak tour will also allow children to paddle through the captivating Santa Barbara harbor as they enjoy a day alongside trusted tour experts on the Pacific Ocean.

Children require education on the importance of spending time outdoors and enjoying our shared environment. While online resources and in-class lessons can give children vital information, the best way to involve a child in a complex subject is to engage their senses and provide them with a hands-on experience. This framework is behind the creation of Santa Barbara-based Captain Jack’s Tours’ Marine Outdoor Classroom.

The fun and easy tour is designed for young children just beginning to learn how to kayak. Each tour begins with a briefing on kayak safety and effective kayaking techniques. The tour will then wind through the majestic Santa Barbara harbor, under the Stearns Wharf and then out into the Pacific Ocean to the one-mile buoy. Along the way, there will be chances for children to see dolphins, California sea lions and harbor seals in their natural habitat. It’s an unmissable educational experience for all children ages eight and up!

To book a classroom tour through Captain Jack’s Tours, please contact their offices today at (805) 564-1819 or visit their business website directly at

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