Enjoy this 4th of July with Fireworks and a Kayak Guided Tour

Santa Barbara, CA-based group tour guides, Captain Jack’s Tours have just announced their new featured tour special. The company is inviting tour guests to join them for their 4th of July Fireworks Kayak Special! The tour will provide guests with the ideal view over the Santa Barbara waters as they enjoy the city’s fireworks display. It’s the opportunity for friends and families to come together to celebrate the 4th of July in a unique and exciting way with one of the region’s most respected tour leaders!

The 4th of July is a time at which Americans across the country come together to celebrate the nation’s shared history and promising future. It’s the opportunity for all Americans to create lasting memories alongside their loved ones. For those across California who are looking for the perfect way to spend this national holiday, Captain Jack’s Tours is offering an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy this annual event!

The Captain Jack’s Tours 4th of July Fireworks Kayak special event will begin just before sunset to ensure guests have a relaxing trip on the waters of Santa Barbara. Tour guests will then be able to take a position just beyond the Santa Barbara pier as they enjoy the fireworks display from their kayak. It’s a guided tour that will help bring a new appreciation for the wonderful natural surroundings of the region. At a price of just $69 per person, Captain Jack’s Tours 4th of July Fireworks Kayak special is a fun and affordable opportunity for all to enjoy this 4th of July, 2014!

To learn more about this special offer from Captain Jack’s Tours, please contact the company directly today or visit www.captainjackstours.com.

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Santa Barbara Wine Tours – Experience a Luxury Escape with Captain Jack’s Tours

We all need rest and relaxation during the summer months but it’s also important to treat ourselves to the finer things in life every once in a while. Americans seeking a taste of the luxurious lifestyle can now find affordable travel options through the many organized wine tours in Santa Barbara offered by Captain Jack’s Tours.
Captain Jack’s Tours allows guests to experience California’s expansive and charming vineyards while learning about the distinctive varieties of wine now being produced across the region. It’s a chance for the trip of a lifetime that will ensure guests gain a catalogue of lasting memories while exploring California’s rich culture with friends and family.

Captivate the Senses on the Santa Rita Hills Wine Tour

The Santa Rita Hills, Santa Barbara wine tour presents tour guests with a fascinating glimpse into the historic past of the region and offers multiple opportunities to taste some of the best known wines from local vineyards. Starting at the spectacular Foley Estates Vineyard and Winery, tour guests can experience for themselves the majestic quality of the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir being produced in the region. Guests will then travel to the Melville Winery, where the captivating Mediterranean architecture and exquisite flavors combine to provide a feast for the senses. Next, it’s time for a gourmet lunch at the renowned La Purisma Golf Course followed by a visit to the historic LaFond Winery and Vineyards, the site known for being the location in which Pierre LaFond built the first winery of the post-prohibition era. The tour ends with a trip to the spectacular Alma Rosa vineyards, where specialists are working to implement sustainable agriculture practices and ensure wine-lovers have access to best-in-class organic wine options. It’s an unforgettable experience for the cultured oenophile and the avid traveler alike.

Explore the Memorable Santa Ynez Valley

The majestic sights of the Santa Ynez Valley offer the perfect setting for this organized getaway. Guides will take guests through the sprawling foothills of the Los Padres National Forest, where spectacular views across mountains and landscapes offer picture-perfect moments. Guests taking the Santa Ynez Valley Wine Tasting Tour will also experience the treasured selections of famous wine country towns such as Solvang, Los Olivos as well as Santa Ynez itself. For those looking for that personalized tour experience, Captain Jack’s Tours also offers custom tour opportunities!

Try a Movie-Style Romantic Getaway Set in the Heart of Wine Country!

There’s room for a little fairy tale romance in everyone’s life and Captain Jack’s Tours is now presenting an exciting tour that takes guests through many of the superb sites shown in the popular movie Sideways. Guests will retrace the steps taken by lead characters, Jack and Miles as they visit some of the region’s best known viticulture sites. Visits to the LaFond Winery, Firestone Winery, Fess Parker Winery and the Lincourt Vineyard will be complemented by tour guides providing comprehensive information on the region and the wines it produces. Guests taking the Sideway Tour will also be introduced to some of the region’s best culinary delicacies via organized trips to famed restaurants across the region.

Let Captain Jack’s Tours Be Your Guide

Captain Jack’s Tours offers affordable rates on their vast array of tour options. Give them a call at (805) 564-1819 or visit their website at http://www.captainjackstours.com/index.html to learn more about how they can offer you custom wine tours in Santa Barbara that are designed precisely to meet your needs! A memorable experience in captivating wine country awaits all guests!

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Enjoy the Sites of Scenic Santa Barbara with Horseback Riding Tours from Captain Jack’s Tours

Discover the Majestic Sights of Santa Barbara through Horseback riding tours Organized by Captain Jack Tours

California, USA – The trusted California-based tour guides at Captain Jack Tours are now presenting guests the opportunity to explore the tranquil surroundings of the Santa Barbara coast with their latest tour offer.

Horseback riding is considered to be one of the greatest ways to explore the Santa Barbara region. Riders will gain an up-close glimpse into the natural beauty that surrounds the area. There’s no better company to help ensure that all elements of an organized horseback riding trip are completed to perfection than Captain Jack’s Tours.

Captain Jack’s Tours organize every trip with the overall objective of ensuring that each guest gains an appreciation for the natural beauty that Santa Barbara has to offer.  One of their most popular horseback riding tours is their $65 coastal ride which guides guests up along the coast of Santa Barbara through a forest and past scenic waterfalls.

The company also offers popular wine tasting and horseback riding packages, perfect for those who are looking for an introduction to the many exceptional wines now offered throughout the region. The combined horseback riding and wine tasting tour brings visitors deeper into the Santa Ynez valley, so that they can explore the historic grounds of the Cold Spring Tavern and then discover the many wonders the valley has to offer.

In addition to these latest horseback riding tours offered, Captain Jack’s Tours also offers customized trips that include a range of activities, including wine tasting, paragliding, deep sea fishing, private sailing cruises, Segway tours and kayaking. It’s a company that thrives on bringing adventure and lifetime memories to guests from across the country. To learn more, please contact the company directly or visit www.captainjackstours.com.

About Captain Jacks Tours

Captain Jack’s Tours is one of the leading tourism companies in Santa Barbara. Led by Mark Hicks, the tours & attraction company includes a number of guides who are all experts with the local terrain, activities and history. While Wine tasting tours are the most common tours provided by Captain Jack’s, they also provide more adventurous options such as sailing, kayaking, horseback riding in Santa Barbara and much more.  Additionally, the flexibility in the prices and activities provided has also made them a huge success so much so that they received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence four years in a row.

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Looking to Boost Employee Morale?
Plan A ‘Day of Play’ in Santa Barbara And Inspire Them!

Here at Captain Jack’s Tours, we have many fun activities for you to pick from. Select from our range of full and half day activities and in case you don’t see what you want, you can always ask the knowledgeable staff to help you design a custom day of play for your colleagues and employees!

Santa Barbara Activities: The City Has A Lot To Offer!

Amazing food, delectable wines, great shopping, breathtaking natural beauty, abundant wild life and a warm, inviting culture!

Fact is that Santa Barbara is a great place to be. Surrounded with striking mountains, rolling valleys and miles upon miles of beautiful beach, the city also offers hotels and restaurants for fine dining connoisseurs. The American Riviera has something for everyone.

So what’s Your Passion?

Let us know what stimulates you and we’ll deliver a day filled with pleasure, excitement and your favorite sights all rolled into one. Captain Jack’s outdoor adventures are second-to-none and classy to boot! There is always something to do here and we make sure that you, your employees and colleagues spend the day of play doing something that they’ll absolutely love.

At Captain Jack’s we offer you a unique opportunity to give the gift of relaxation and fun to your friends, colleagues, employees and business acquaintances.

Outdoors? Food? Fine wine? Or maybe riding horses in the wind? If you’ve got a Santa Barbara activity in mind, consider it planned out and ready for your arrival!

Let us help you set up that perfect day under the Santa Barbara sun and explore the Riviera with our guided tours, in the same laid-back, chic style that we are known for!

Not Sure Where to Start? Take A Look At our Itinerary!

Our calendar of events and tours is always filled with exciting happenings. Read on to find the inspiration or order these tours for your colleagues as they are. They are perfect anyways!

  • Wine and Beer Tours
  • Kayak Tours
  • Sailing Cruises
  • Fishing Trips
  • Whale Watching Cruises
  • Segway Sightseeing
  • Sailing Regatta
  • Para gliding
  • Paint ball Excursions
  • Culinary and Art tour of Santa Barbara
  • Wine Blending competitions
  • Outdoor painting classes

We offer something for everyone. And we love to entertain guests, even in larger groups of 50 or more. Enjoy organized outings, delectable lunches and dinners with our guides and local partners in town and do the company outing thing, the right way!

Organize the Guest List And Leave The Logistics To Us!

We’ll sort out everything needed to set up a bike tour, a kayaking experience and whatever else you wish to include in your Day of Play.

Entertainment is an important part of your corporate Day of Play! You can depend on us for tons of entertainment opportunities, as well a variety of relaxation opportunities that are hidden right in the fun and excitement of our tours. And no matter how you want to enjoy a day filled with Santa Barbara activities, we bring original, exciting and entertaining activities for your employees and staff to engage in.

Captain Jack’s Tours & Events Are Your One-Stop-Shop For Planning Your Company Event in Santa Barbara!

We can plan your corporate event, an upscale company picnic or a day of outing and fun in Santa Barbara. We have an exhaustive list of options for you to choose from and can plan your corporate Day of Play while remaining within your budgets and requirements for a good time.

Once you have engaged our service, that’s that! All you need you need to is, show up at the day of the event with your colleagues and friends and be ready for a day filled with enjoyment and entertainment. We’ll engage the location, get you a caterer and take care of the entertainment for you.

Give us call at (805) 564-1819 or visit our website www.captainjackstours.com to learn more about the Santa Barbara activities that you and your staff will remember for a long time to come!


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2014 Reader’s Choice Awards!!

Ahoy Friends!

It is time to pick all your favorite’s in Santa Barbara again. Yes the official READERS’ CHOICE BALLOT is now available. Help select all “YOUR” Santa Barbara favorite’s & enter to win 3 prizes!!!

All you need to do is visit: http://morenews.newspress.com/sbnp_web/readerschoice_2014/index.html

Remember you must vote for at least 20 categories to qualify for the prize drawing. Also, remember to vote for CAPTAIN JACKS TOURS in these two categories:



We want to thank everyone for your support. We hope to see you again in 2014.

Paddle Hard,

Capt Jack

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Sail Away on the Stunning Waters of Santa Barbara with Captain Jack’s Tours

Discover the waterways in complete comfort and style with Captain Jack’s sailboat cruise tours. The company now offers a full range of tours for guest to select from as they set sail and enjoy the majestic views across the Santa Barbara coastline and Channel Islands. The company’s latest selection of cruises includes:

At Captain Jack’s Tours, we’re committed to offering luxury experiences at cost-effective pricing. For information on pricing, please visit our rates page.

Romantic Sunset Sailing Cruise

There is simply no better way to end a day of sunshine and celebration in Santa Barbara than with Captain Jack’s Romantic Sunset Sailing Cruise. Guests will travel aboard a 50 ft. catamaran, which features over1400 feet of deck space with a multi hull construction that ensures the boat is comfortable, stable and safe. Drinks, including wine, beer and soda are available on-board, with light snacks and rest room facilities also available.

The company also offers the following cruises as part of their exceptional selection:

  • Dinner Cruises:

  • Live Jazz Cruises:

  • Coastal (Daytime) Cruises

(Note: Dinner and Jazz cruises run from April – September only)

Private Sailing Cruise

Up to 6 people – 7 days a week

Imaging having a private yacht and a skipper entirely at your command… that’s what guests can expect on the Private Sailing Cruise. This sunset cruise takes guests on 2-hour journey through the stunning waterways of the area known as the “American Riviera”. And the best part of the experience is they pick the destination! It’s a customizable cruise experience not to be missed!

Note: the price includes 2 hours on a private yacht. The duration of the cruise can be extended and does not necessarily need to go out at sunset.

Whale Watching Cruise

4.5 hour trip (10am – 2:30 pm)

There are few destinations in the world that can rival Santa Barbara for whale watching experiences. There are over 27 unique types of whale and dolphin within the Santa Barbara Channel throughout the year. This makes the area the ideal place for those hoping to spot one of the majestic sea creatures in the wild. Captain Jack’s Tours operates a 4.5 hour trip aboard a 75-foot catamaran that runs at over 28 knots. The speed of the boat means that the cruise can reach Santa Barbara’s Channel Islands in less than one hour! This ensures that guests have the opportunity to go further out into the ocean, where there’s more chance of seeing marine animals in their natural habitat.


Set sail with the team at Captain Jack’s Tours! The company’s service team is available today to respond to requests for custom cruises! To learn more about their sailboat tours, please contact the company directly at (805) 564-1819.

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Explore the Idyllic Santa Barbara Landscapes on Horseback with Captain Jack’s Tours

At Captain Jack’s Tours, we excel in offering exceptional tour experiences to our guests across the region. Our horseback riding tours are one of the best ways to enjoy the trails and foothills of Santa Barbara. Consider one of following options for your next Santa Barbara horse-riding adventure:

At Captain Jack’s Tours, we’re committed to offering luxury experiences at cost-effective pricing. For information on pricing, please visit our rates page.

1-Hour Santa Ynez Trail

The company’s Santa Ynez Trail takes riders deep into the Santa Ynez Valley, where they will discover the great history and prestige of the region through a tour led by one of the region’s most experienced guides.

1.5 Hour Santa Barbara Coastal Trail Ride

Taking riders through a forested area of Santa Barbara, this tour provides access to wondrous natural features such as waterfalls and coastal waterways. Guests will have the opportunity to climb a mountain, from the top of which they will experience truly breathtaking views over the region’s Pacific Ocean coastline.

Horseback Riding and Wine Tasting Tour

Beginning the Santa Barbara Coastal Trail, guests will then enjoy lunch at the Cold Spring Tavern, which is known as a historic place of interest that used to be a stage coach stop. Once lunch concludes, guests will be taken to two of the region’s top wineries at the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley. The day concludes with a trip to the delightful Global Gardens in Los Olivos. It’s the perfect trip experience for the traveler looking for a little element of everything Santa Barbara has to offer.

Heaven on Earth Kayaking & Horseback Riding

It’s the closest experience many will get to Heaven in this lifetime and widely considered Captain Jack’s most breathtaking tour ever. The Heaven on Earth Kayaking & Horseback Riding tour begins with an ocean kayak tour at the world famous, beautiful Smugglers Cove at Refugio Beach in the morning. Guests may see dolphins, sea lions, and migratory gray whales as they pass through the coastal waters in this region that is full of natural wonder and intrigue. After, guests are then transported to a secluded and picturesque resort nestled between a babbling brook and a collection of evergreen sycamore trees, where they will enjoy a mouth-watering lunch.

After lunch is concluded, guests are taken on a breathtaking, scenic guided horseback ride featuring spectacular ocean views and stunning mountain landscapes. It’s no wonder that so many celebrities, including Brad Pitt chose to live in this truly unparalleled area of California. By simply spending the day with the team at Captain Jack’s Tours, all guests will discover the wonder and magic that makes the region so compelling to so many.

Tour price includes: Round-trip transportation, all kayak gear, kayak lesson (kayak knowledge and special athletic ability NOT required), scenic guided horseback ride, no previous riding experience necessary (must be 7 or older), all California Park and Recreation fees, professional, knowledgeable and courteous guides.

Book your place on one of Captain Jacks’ tours and experience the trip of a lifetime. Expert customer service specialists are now available to take your booking. Please call (805) 564-1819 for more information.


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